SAROS Desalination is striving to provide drinking water to those in need.
All funds raised will go toward implementing pilot studies to those in need.

Super Supporters

These are the original supporters of fresh, clean water. They contributed to our Indiegogo Campaign and we are proud to have them as part of our support team!

Diane Van Stralen
Vincent Ng
Natasha Thompson
William H. Hayes
Bronwen Hale
Koh Yin Hsian
Tom Anon
Julia Valdez
Kevin H
Mikhail Ruchkin
Melissa Encinas
Drew Schober
Michiel Dieben

Paul R Wirth
Melissa Luttrell
Greta Stromberg
Wagner P Macedo
Antony Chan
Oudy Dominique
Tanya Vallianos
Chris Mann
Ashley Trevathan
Josh Smith
Mr. A.E. Holman
Anthony Kimball
Steve McCauley
Stephanie Stumpf

Lars Holmberg
Bo Snitkjær Nielsen
Larry Hutton
Deirdre von Krauskopf
Chelsea Mafrica
Lyman Michael
George Kendrick
Jatin Vamja
David Miner
Charles Smith
Antonio Pisani
Paul-Johan Seim
Richard Stephens
Emery E Mitchamore, Jr
Barbara Beatty

Q: How can I contribute to SAROS Desalination?

Your contribution will help us optimize our second unit and conduct extensive testing at a university research institute. If you are interested in contributing to the advancement of SAROS Desalination, the inaugural venture of EcoH2O Innovations, LLC, and helping us implement this technology in areas of need, please click here.

Q: How else can I get involved?

We understand that not everyone is able to contribute funds and want to let you know there are other ways to get involved. We can always use assistance in spreading the word about SAROS Desalination. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook and share our mission with other media outlets; bloggers, newspaper, magazine, radio and tv journalists. And of course, share with your friends and family.

We appreciate your interest in SAROS and thank you for your contribution. It is great to hear from those who are interested in getting involved with global development. We feel this is such an important mission and are grateful for the support.

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