SAROS – Turning Waves into Fresh Water

Sea Close-up

Help create clean drinking water using wave energy


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All funds raised will go towards implementing pilot studies in areas of needs.

Water Scarcity

Water crises has been identified by the World Economic Forum as the top global risk to industry and society over the next decade. There are over 793 million people without access to fresh water. A large part of the water scarcity issue is occurring around islands and coastal regions, with 233 million people living in these areas and experiencing water shortage conditions. In addition, many other areas are in search of a sustainable water solution. Current desalination efforts trend toward large-scale plants or pump technologies requiring electricity and/or fossil fuels and many regions rely on imported water, exposing them to high costs and market volatility. SAROS targets these areas where typical solutions are unfeasible or undesirable and a small scale, efficient technology is needed.

One Comment on “SAROS – Turning Waves into Fresh Water

  1. A great solution for a small sea front community.